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45mins / Once a week / 1.5 - 3yrs / Coed

Children, along with the help of their parent, are guided through a series of gymnastic inspired activities that focus on nurturing early childhood development.  Classes move around the gym introducing little ones to structured activity in a safe and fun environment.  Build strength, coordination, and social skills as we set the stage for a positive physical and educational experience.


 Walking to 5yrs / Coed 

Our Tots classes provide little ones with a fun-filled environment designed to nurture the skills they need for a healthy road ahead.  Students will be introduced to basic tumbling, bars, balance beam, trampoline and a variety of other activities that will help strengthen coordination, flexibility, and gross motor skill development.  
Each class will ignite your child’s learning by focusing on colors, numbers, and shapes geared towards preschool and kindergarten readiness.


45mins / Once a week / 3-4yrs / Coed

Children are introduced to group participation in an instructor guided environment. Students will utilize bars, beam, floor, and trampolines as they independently take part in activities that build strength, coordination, and confidence. Both fun and challenging, extra attention is paid to body awareness and pre-k educational learning. A great foundation for an active childhood.

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1hr / Once a week / 4-5yrs / Coed 

Children will focus on age appropriate activities to build a working knowledge of gymnastic skills and drills.  Our curriculum is designed to promote personal achievement through goal setting and step by step progressive learning.  Extra emphasis is placed on strength, flexibility, and problem solving.
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