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Once a week / 5yrs & Older 

Our Beginner 1 class is designed for beginning students who are new to gymnastics or those who haven't completed the Beginner 1 curriculum.  Students will build confidence on all equipment as they work on strength, flexibility, and a solid understanding of basic skills.


5yrs & Older 

Our classes are designed to give students a positive gymnastics experience in a fun, yet challenging, environment.  Modeled after our USA Junior Olympic Program, students will build strength, flexibility, and confidence as they progress through level 1, 2, & 3 gymnastic skills.  Classes will utilize bars, beam, floor, and trampolines to develop a solid understanding of skills.  Students will advance through classes once current class skills are achieved.


Once a week / 5yrs & Older 

Beginner 2 is designed for students who have completed our Beginner 1 gymnastics program.  Additional emphasis will be placed on strength and flexibility as students focus on mastering correct body position and form.

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Once a week / 5yrs & Older 

Designed for students who have completed our Beginner 2 curriculum.  Students at this level are strongly encouraged to adopt a second class of Tumbling or Back Hand-spring.  Students will work towards back-hip circles on bars, cartwheels and bridge kick overs on floor, handstands and cartwheels on beam, and continue to develop speed and power on vault.


Twice a week / 5yrs & Older 

Designed for students who have completed our Intermediate curriculum.  Class time is lengthened to reflect additional focus on strength and flexibility.  Students will work back handspring progression and round-offs on floor, cartwheel to handstand dismounts on beam, double back hip circles and dismounts on bars.



Twice a week / 5yrs & Older 

Designed for students who are interested in competition and have completed our Recreational Curriculum.  

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