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3yrs & Older / Coed

Our Ninja Program is an action packed hour of gymnastic training mixed with the fun and excitement of obstacle courses!  Each class, students will build strength, agility, and skill as they learn new techniques to overcome challenges.  Students will navigate challenging obstacle courses, bounce on trampolines, swing, climb, and jump into a variety of activities.  A great choice for both boys and girls, come test your skills and see what it’s like to be a ninja!

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45mins / Once a week / 3-5yrs / Coed

Our Ninja-Tots classes offer 3-5yr olds with age-appropriate obstacle courses that build coordination, speed, and agility.  Students will be taught basic gymnastic skills and build strength through physically challenging obstacles.


1hr / Once a week / 6yrs & Older / Coed

Designed for Ninjas 6yrs and older, students are taught basic-intermediate gymnastic skills and are challenged on age-appropriate obstacle courses.

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